Forgotten Hope vs. FANCYGOAL, Inc.

UPDATE: Success!

Fancy Goal Inc. is no more. After contacting NeoAxis Group, the website distributing the title quickly went offline without any resistance, and file mirrors removed the offending material. Thanks NeoAxis!

This page will remain archived here, as warning to other shady companies sharing the delusion they will get away with it.

For further information, contact us: martijn AT bytehazard DOT com


It has recently come to our attention that a China based company named 'Fancy Goal Inc.' has been using content from our mod "Forgotten Hope" without permission. They are selling two titles, "Heavy Panzer" and "Fancy FPS Template" for profit consisting largely of content taken from our mod and a number of commercial games.

The affected titles include:

Besides selling games constructed from stolen material, this company is now also selling individual Forgotten Hope assets for prices ranging from $50 to $150 (needless to say, without permission).

Some relevant links:
Please take note that NeoAxis Group is merely the provider of the game engine on which these titles are build on. They are most likely unaware that FancyGoal is not a legitimate business. We will be contacting them.

It appears that FancyGoal Inc. is a 1-man company. This person uses the username "FineSun" on the NeoAxis support forums, registered "2 Jun 2007" and seems to have obtained an "Indie License" for NeoAxis engine. Judging from his post there, he appears polite and has seemingly even fixed some bugs in "Heavy Panzer" in response to bug reports from other forum members.

WHOIS information:
Fan, LingNa
Cheng Xi Xin Yi Cun 92 Ha
Miluo, NA 41440

Fan, LingNa
QuYanBeiLu FangGaiBan 5Dong 9DanYuan 602
Miluo, -- 414400
+86 730 3200632
Please keep in mind that these details may not be accurate, and this individual may be an unwitting or uninvolved person (i.e. victim of identity theft).

"Heavy Panzer" comparison images

Due to the massive ammount of "borrowed" content, only a few screenshots taken from the Fancygoal Inc. website should suffice.

Screenshot of "Heavy Panzer", taken from Fancygoal website.

Screenshot of "Call of Duty 2" by Activision.

Vehicle created by Forgotten Hope team members Omni and jimbob.

Vehicle created by Forgotten Hope developer Montoya.


Screenshot of "Heavy Panzer", taken from Fancygoal website.

The LCT Landing craft created for FH2 by Messiah

Fletcher class ship model from Battlefield 1942


Screenshot of "Heavy Panzer", taken from Fancygoal website.

Screenshot from "Forgotten Hope 2", tank sight made by FH developer Rad.

"Fancy FPS Template" comparison images

Screenshot of "Fancy FPS Template", taken from Fancygoal website.

Screenshot taken in "Forgotten Hope 2".

Screenshot of "Brothers in Arms: Earned in Blood" by Gearbox.


Screenshot of "Fancy FPS Template", taken from Fancygoal website.

Screenshot of "Forgotten Hope 2".


Screenshot of "Fancy FPS Template", taken from Fancygoal website.


"Heavy Panzer" publicity video

Most revealing of all seems to be the 'official' "Heavy Panzer Episode 1" demo video.



The massive ammount of material taken from our mod and several commercial games leads us to draw the conclusion that there is unlikely any original content in these titles whatsoever, remaining content is probably taken from unknown games and mods. If you recognise any of this content, please drop us a line, we'll and notify the parties involved and will add it to this page.

What might have been otherwise a fun, arcadish game, turns out to be little more than a collection of stolen goods. In recent years we have seen increasingly that other mods have "borrowed" our content without asking permission. In each of these cases we've asked them to remove our content, and in the future obtain permission through proper channels. All of them have complied and eventually agreed that it is 'not done' to just take stuff without courtesy.

Forgotten Hope is a free mod, our developers are all volunteers and put a lot of time and effort into making a fun game, at the cost of time spend with our families and financial welbeing (and occasionally our sanity!). We support and share material and knowledge with other mods, even rival mods. We encourage others to play with our material and be creative, because that is what mods are all about.

However, we expect anyone who redistributes our material to obtain permission if used outside our mod. We are very sad to see that there are now even persons claiming ownership and selling our content for profit.

And in case you are wondering, the Forgotten Hope team has always asked and obtained permission from the Battlefield series developers to use their material. In fact, some of our team members are employed at DICE/EA, other team members have directly contributed to Battlefield titles, patches, and have even supplied development tools.

Forgotten Hope developer
martijn AT bytehazard DOT com