Q:What are the requirements to play Forgotten Hope?
A:We've heard that people can play FH perfectly with a 1,4 P3 BUT you have to get a lot of RAM! Best would be 1024. Getting another 512 MBs if you already have 512 will speed up the maploading speeds so that maps load 3 times quicker than with 512 + make FH run MUCH smoother.

Q:My Installation stops at 40/60/90/xy% and when I press "Ctrl + Alt + Del" it shows me "No Response"
A:Be Patient! FH is a big Mod, it takes up to 10 minutes on older machines to install it. When the intaller seems to have stopped on a certain percentage: just wait for some minutes, in most cases the installer will proceed with the installation then.

Q:My FH crashes to desktop when I try to load a map
A:a.) You didn't install all essential files or you installed them in the wrong order:
a- install FH0.7 1of3
b- install FH0.7 2of3
c- install FH0.7 3of3

b.) You havent deleted 0.67 (or any other previous version of FH) before installing 0.7.: try to delete the whole "FH" folder in bfroot/mods and then install 0.7 again in the right order (A1)

c.) The server has a different FH version than you have. check the version.

d.) (thanks to DuoGodofDeath): Every BF1942 game i've played crashed to desktop constantly. So an easy answer was discovered. In the sounds option 2nd page theres a 'Hardware Acceleration' button. The fix was to turn this off. So far I played FH for 2 hrs straight (new record) and was extremely happy with it.

e.) (thanks to Coopa): We finally got it sorted it by updating the graphics card driver (its a little older graphics card)

Q:You mentioned FHX. What is it, Where can I get it?
A:FHX is already built in 0.7! You don't have to download it seperately. Single Player maps with the "FH" logo will work.

Q:Is my old FH 0.5 mappack #1 still working on Fh 0.7?
A:Better don't try it. No Server has the old maps anyways...

Q:I got floating objects in my 0.7 installation
A:You havent deleted 0.67 or previous versions of Forgotten Hope before installing 0.7 .: try to delete the whole "FH" folder in bfroot/mods and then install 0.7 again in the right order.

Q:I see transparent objects in Forgotten Hope 0.7 (weapons, players, custom objects like houses or tents)
A:a.) You havent deleted 0.67 or previous versions of Forgotten Hope before installing 0.67
b.) You installed 0.7 in the wrong order.
c.) You forgot to install one of the essential files (look above).
d.) Your download of 0.7 was corrupted

Q:Everytime I want to connect to a multiplayer game it says: "Map not found"
A:a.) You havent deleted 0.67 or previous versions of Forgotten Hope before installing 0.7
b.) You installed 0.7 in the wrong order
c.) You forgot to install one of the essential files (look above) or cancelled the installation of one.
d.) There are some custom maps out there. If you want to connect to a Server with custom maps, you have to download this very map first. (for example: WaW maps)

Q:When I try to connect to a Server the "Data Differs From Server" message pops up.
A:Either a very restrictive firewall, wrong PB-version, missing maps/files, bad (and i mean very bad) ping, theres soo much which can be wrong. (Thanks to Akatosh for this) Maybe you don't have the right Version of FH downloaded or you re trying to connect to a server that runs some sort of custom map. Best idea: reinstall Battlefield (whole thing not just FH) and install it in the RIGHT order into the RIGHT folder. Again you could have downloaded a wrong 0.7!

Q:I have installed everything in the right order, didnt even have 0.65 / 0.67 installed on my HD and Im perfectly able to install 3 files according to the rules and logical thinking - but my FH keeps crashing / wont connect to servers.
A:Try to get the latest BF1942 patch. If that not helps either try to reinstall your FH or even the whole Battlefield 1942 installation. Sometimes this helps (god knows why, PCs seem to have their own will when it comes to running a program)

Q:Tried everything but my game still crashes / won't connect.
A:Try to redownload 0.7 and get it from some other mirror.

Q:When is the PzIII going to be completed?
A:It is already ;)

Q:I would like to play the game with all the proper censored symbols of war. How can I do this?
A:DIY (Do it yourself)!
We won't do that because we want all people on the world to be able to play our mod. Some of the symbols you request are forbidden in some countries. For that reason they are not to find anywhere.

Q:I have heard FH has no bot support - is this true?
A:We have bot support. Try a Coop game and you will see.

Q:Is this a "one shot, one kill" mod?
A:If you pwn the all with your skillz - yes
If not - two shots will do ;)

Q:How many vehicles are there? Are there really that many?
A:More than 250 and still counting

Q:You suck! Why wasn't the new patch out yesterday?
A:As with any large scale project that spans multiple areas such as mapping, coding and modelling, errors and bugs during testing occur, often requiring a rethink or rebuild of our internals. It is a long drawn out process, and requires patience on the part of the devs and the fans.

Q:How do I join FH?
A:Can you mod? Although we may generally not have any official openings, we are always willing to consider and review people's work - be it their maps, models, skins or animations. We obviously do not guarantee success, but new material is always welcome, particular "unpopular" areas such as coding or animations. So don't be afraid to show your work.
But just to ensure: We need no one making screenshots or wallpapers for us...

Q:Why aren't "country X" in the mod! They clearly fought as hard as "country Y"!
A:Currently scheduled for future elaboration are the French, Italians and Finnish; ontop of the current nations of Britain, Japan, USA, Germany, Russia and Poland. However, the inclusion of these other nations is purely dependent on the efforts and time available to the team, so we cannot give concrete dates of when they will be finished.
As for other nations (often mentioned is Australia), we do not consider them a priority at the moment, given the already huge amount of content in the mod; it is unreasonable to expect every country to gain representation in the mod and each receive fair treatment. Besides, asking for Finland every day makes Montoya cry.

Q:FH! Please include the Maus. It will pwn all!
A:No; despite our justification below for other rare or OTT vehicles, the Maus barely has concrete evidence of actual use; and we reserve the right not to include this insane vehicle... there are dozens of prototype vehicles that have a better chance of making it into FH.

Q:Your vehicle/weapon X is unbalanced and/or unrealistic; what's going on here?
A:Sometimes, be it for the sake of balance, preference on the part of the mapper, or simply because the vehicle was just too fun not to have, we must bend realism just a small bit. Examples include the map Alpenfestung or the Mors SMG; these were willingly included for the sake of fun and balance respectively.

Q:I found a bug!
A:If you find a genuine bug in the game, please tell us so we can do somethng about it - the Bug Reporting forum is here. If you don't want to help - you have to live with them.

Q:Do you take credit card or cheque?
A:We accept all major credit cards, and cash in a brown paper-bag.

Q:Where can I download the mod?
A:Ever thought of looking in the download section?

Q:Why the ยง$%/)( hell did you remove the crosshairs on tanks?
A:We have replaced them by far more realistic and better looking tank aim sights. Just press "F9" when you are in drivers view or press "C" for view change.

Q:There is a huge bug in FH: When my plane gets shot down I can't open the parachute anymore - so i die and can't kill those damn Americans with my STG44 .STG44 rulezzz!
A:Well we removed the parachutes from all classes and added a pilot / para class on some maps. When you dont find a selectable pilot/para class in the spawn menue, you can pick up pilot kits near airplanes (in tents, on tables, on the ground beside them).

Q:Why have you removed my parachutes.. as I said I cant planecrash into badass tanks anymore. The pistol and knife of the pilot is too weak to really fight against the enemy infantry once shot down and planecrashed.
A:Well yes, basically the idea is that pilots dont planecrash anymore and then run around like crazy shooting everything down in the enemy base.

Q:You don't have a medic!
A:We have medic vehicles: trucks f.e.

Q:I can't play sniper class anymore.
A:You can, you just have to find a sniper kit. On most maps several of these are placed in logical spots like: top of houses, guard towers, inside army buildings and so on.
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