Forgotten Hope 2 is an award-winning World War II mod for Battlefield 2, covering all aspects of land, air and sea combat, with a focus on realism and historic accuracy.

FH2 is the sequel to Forgotten Hope, one of the most popular mods for Battlefield 1942.

As player, you can take control over an expansive number of authentic WWII equipment; from tanks such as the mighty German King Tiger, to famed aircraft like the British Spitfire, or hit the road with the Willys MB Jeep. Lay your hands on infantry weapons, such as the powerful German Panzerfaust or the fearsome American M1 Garand rifle. Fight your way through the North African deserts, the landing grounds of Normandy, the freezing Ardenne forests, and alongside your comrades in mother Russia!

Choose your side, pick your weapon! See you on the battlefield!

Forgotten Hope 2 Training Videos