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Forgotten Hope 2

Forgotten Hope 2 is compatible with the following versions of Battlefield 2:
- Retail (you need patch 1.41 and patch 1.5 installed)
- Steam (no more available)
- Origin (no more available)
- (free)

FH2 Launcher

Our new FH2 Launcher is now the regular way to install, update and play Forgotten Hope 2. Simply install the FH2 Launcher into your Battlefield 2 folder. It will start the installation or update your existing build to the latest version.

FH2 Launcher Setup

FH2.52 Full Installer

Use this only if you have problems with the FH2 Launcher or if you want to do offline installations on another PC.

Forgotten Hope 2.52 (1 of 2) by FH team
Forgotten Hope 2.52 (2 of 2) by FH team

You can validate your Downloads by comparing your Files to the checksums.

Forgotten_Hope_2.52_1_of_2.exe 025621eea4502ff71f7e65915e5c39a1
Forgotten_Hope_2.52_2_of_2.exe 6f158dc9ded47a34c95bc058db284d07

On windows you can use win md5 or any other tool to do this.

Server Files

You only need these files, if you plan to run a dedicated FH2 server on the internet.

FH2 2.52 Server Build

Help needed?

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them on our forum.

Note: On Windows 10 you might have to install DirectX manually to get Battlefield 2 running.

Download Forgotten Hope 2.48