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Water tower
A water tower or elevated water tank is a very large tank constructed for the purpose of holding a supply of water at a height sufficient to pressurize a water supply system. Many water towers were constructed during the industrial revolution and some of these are now considered architectural landmarks and monuments and may not be demolished.

Giarabub Senussi Mosque
Constructed around 1855, the Giarabub Senussi mosque is the burial place of the Grand Senussi, founder of the Senussi Islamic order.

African settlement
No description available

African city
No description available

Mersa Matruh Mosque
One of the landmarks in the Egyptian city of Mersa Matruh, the mosque did not survive the war undamaged.

Tobruk Church
Although heavily damaged during the war, the church of Tobruk still stands to this day (minus the tower).

African villa
A nice two-story building with courtyard and sunroof. Your troops may use this for a small vacation or as a HQ if you want to go all business.

Sfakia Monastery
After the Battle of Crete was lost, many of the allied forces were evacuated from the small southern town of Sfakia.

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