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Posted by: StrangerThanFiction
27.10.2005 18:30 GMT

Hello, and welcome to the official release of the Forgotten Hope 0.7. server files. You do not need these files to play Forgotten Hope, only if you run a dedicated Forgotten Hope game server. More mirrors will be added during the day, as they become available.

Forgotten Hope 0.7 Server(Windows and Linux):




For those of you who don't need servere files, we still have a treat--the Forgotten Hope 0.7 Trailer!

FH 0.7 Trailer zip archive

FH 0.7 Trailer rar archive

That's all for today, but be sure to come back tomorrow for the official 0.7 client release. And don't forget to join us Friday evening for the IRC Release party at 16:30 GMT on irc at irc:// More details are available on the party thread on our forum. Until then, feel free to visit our public forums to discuss this update or other news.

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