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Posted by: BUG$ & StrangerthanFiction
18.06.2006 18:00 GMT

Hello and welcome back to another update of Forgotten Hope.No special news or announcements today, just images of new models and textures that have been brought in-game for the first time. Our first item is something sweet for the British Army. Our newest intel shows photographs of the M3 light tank, successor of the Light Tank M2, in service somewhere in North Africa. Production of this vehicle, which was designed and built in the USA, started in March 1941 and continued until October 1943. It was used within the American, British and other Commonwealth forces, as well as by the Soviet Union. The British, however, were the first to use M3 Light Tank in combat. In November 1941, the first ones to reach the front lines took part in Operation Crusader.

The British Army referred to the M3 Light Tank the Stuart after legendary Confederate Civil War cavalry General Jeb Stuart, in keeping with their common practice of naming lend-lease tanks after American generals. The British 7th Armoured Division also supplied their own nickname, calling the vehicle 'Honey' due to its superior reliability and agility. As with the German Panzer II the Stuart proved to be too weakly armed to deal with later enemy medium or heavy tanks and was restricted to a reconnaissance role later on. The version we are showcasing today is the M3 light tank Stuart II, which was modeled and skinned by Rad and coded by ctz.



Next in today's update are an assortment of static objects, so the Honey is not forced to drive through the empty and endless desert all the time. First you can see a ruin of an African house, which was made by Lobo and Rad. And this is not just an ordinary ruin - the idea is to use the closed part above the stairs as a protected spawn point. For the ones who do not know, we'd like to explain it:

Players spawning inside can go out, but no one outside is able to go up and so enemy spawn campers have less opportunity to attack people before they can react. For many reasons, this is not a perfect fix for every situation, but along with other solutions, should allow players to spawn in greater safety. More statics are planned based on this principle.

Also, here you can see a small African house made by our betatester Toddel, along with the last item for our update--another trench created by Lobo and Hush from the BF 1936 mod, who donated the stone wall texture.




That's all for this week, but be sure to come next week for our next update. Until then, feel free to visit our IRC channel our public forums to discuss this update and other news.

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