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Posted by: Team
20.11.2003 22:00 GMT

Welcome to day 9 of The Road To 0.6 press release. Many of you have been following the past 8 days of updates in anticipation of the 0.6 release. Furthermore we have been showcasing many new items for the public to see. We have come to the conclusion that daily updates simply are not worth doing. These updates cause contraversy, spam, and the ocassional where's 0.6. The team decided to show these updates just to give you (The Fans) a little teaser for what is instore for the next release.

Sadly updates will only occur once a week (Every Friday) with new features and improvements for Forgotten Hope. We look forward to your comments on this fridays news!

Discuss the Road to 0.6 Day 9 News in our FH Public Forum.

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