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30.06.2004 22:00 GMT

Hello and welcome back to another update from the Forgotten Hope team. We've got two new models to show off today, these most likely will not be included in the next public beta, however we'd still like to show them off today.

The two models we'd like to show today are the BMW R75 Moterbike with side carriage, done by Zero and ISU 122 heavy assault gun.


We would also like to show off three vehicles that will be in the next release of Forgotten Hope, three ingame shots of the Soviet SU76 assault gun, the Polish 7tp Twin Turret Tank, and the British Wellington bomber.


And finally for this update, we have some ingame screens of the American Devastator Torpedo Bomber cockpit, as well as a nice scenic shot of the new Devastator inagme, enjoy!


That's all for todays update folks, stay tuned for more later on this week from us. Be sure to stop by our public forums to discuss this update.

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29.06.2004 22:00 GMT

First of all i'd like to apologize for the lateness of this weeks update, I got a little sidetracked off in Canada this weekend, but have no fear because this weeks Forgotten Hope Update is here! We'd also like to thank all of our fans for the great turnout on all of the servers on the 60th anniversary of D-Day, if you still haven't downloaded the new Omaha Charlie Sector map you can still do so, and there are many new mirrors put up, and our downloads section has also been updated with links to both of the BFE-WAW map packs, so get head over to our downloads section and pick up all of these great new battlegrounds!

The first news today is a reminder for all of you BFE-WAW fans out there, or people who haven't heard of them but might be interested. Their campaign #8 has begun registration, so get on over to their website and sign up if you'd like to get involved with some great team-play!

The first part of our Forgotten Hope content for today are two new infantry fragmentation grenades. The British No. 36 Mills Grenade, and the Soviet RDG-33 stick grenade.


Second up today are the render and ingame screen shots of our DAK mask.


Lastly today we have 18 ingame screenshots of two of our new maps going into the 0.62 release, which should be happening shortly. These two new maps are both African theatre maps, the first entitled Desert Rose and the second titled Supercharge.

First up are the ingame screens of Desert Rose





And lastly are the screens of Supercharge





That's all for today folks, be sure to stop by our public forums to discuss this news update.

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06.06.2004 22:00 GMT

On this date 60 years ago, the operation to break into Fortress Europe began. The operation was dubbed "Overlord" and consisted of nearly 150,000 troops and over 5,000 naval vessels, most of these forces were comprised by the United States, Great Britain, and Canada, however is also included smaller French, Poland, Italy, Czech, and Belgian units. This frontal assault on the Atlantic Wall combined air, sea, and land combat into one massive attempt to smash this wall, and gain a foothold to engage in the Great Crusade to finally free Europe from German control.

The success of this endeavor depended heavily on the unity of the allied nations to complete the goal. It also came at a high price, total allied casualties on D-Day are estimated to be roughly 10,000 including 2500 dead. German casualty's on this day 60 years ago amounted to between 4,000 and 9,000. Today we, the Forgotten Hope Team, as with most of the world, would like to pay a tribute to these men who mostly fought over soil quite far from their own homes and families.

The tribute we would like to offer comes in the form of a release. Today we would like to present one of our newest maps, Omaha Beach, Charlie Sector, done by Beregil. We've heard that many servers are going to be running Normandy maps in honor of this day, so we would like to put a newer map out to also honor the occasion. We would like to invite the public to walk in the footsteps of these soldiers, and in doing so, remember the sacrifice that was made 60 years ago on this day.

Below you will find some screen shots of Omaha Charlie Sector, and also the download links for the map. This is not a required download for Forgotten Hope, however it comes highly recommended, and you will get disconnected from a server if it is running the map and you haven't downloaded it.




Please god, make people read these instructions before they barrage our forums

Installing a map for battlefield 1942 is an easy task, as long as you follow uncle B.F. Pierce's rules for installing a map.

Step 1: DOWNLOAD the map from one of our easy to find download links below

Step 2: Go to the following directory C:\program files\EA Games\battlefield 1942\mods\fh\archives\bf1942\levels; Or if you installed to a different location, find your EA Games folder and go through the same path as before.

Step 3: Take the .rar you download and cut and paste it into that directory

Step 4: EXTRACT the .rar into that directory you just pasted it into. You'll need winrar to extract this file, just go and download it.

Step 5: Load up Forgotten Hope and enjoy!

Step 6: If none of that is working for you, go to our public forums and we can help you out. Or you can wait until we get our self installing .exe uploaded, I'll be letting the mirrors know when this happens.

Download Links

I'd like to thank the guys over at WOLF Gaming for helping me out in a tight spot. Thanks to them we've already started setting up the first public server, they should be up and ready to go shortly, thanks a ton guys, for this and also for being one of our longest running public FH servers.

A second just as huge thank you goes out to Piltti from the BFE-WAW for getting me a bunch of mirrors for this file as well when I needed it most. The both of you are oustanding assets to the Forgotten Hope community.

Client Side Links

Download if you Intend to play Omaha Beach, Charlie Sector

BFE #2

BFE #3

BFE #4

Server Side Links

Download if you intend to host Omaha Beach, Charlie Sector, on a server

BFE #2

BFE #3

BFE #4

If you would like to host this file, contact me via one of the following locations and i'll set you up with a clear download link.

AIM: Engels42

ICQ: 212048801


Feel free to discuss this news update and release in our public forums, we'd love to hear you opinions on the new level!

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05.06.2004 22:00 GMT

We are receiving reports of paratrooper landings all over the Northern Coast of france, between Cherbourg and Caen. These air drops appear to be scattered and are taking heavy losses from anti-aircraft fire.

If the scale of these airdrops holds true, we must be prepared for further invasion forces to arrive in the area shortly.

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04.06.2004 22:00 GMT

Welcome to todays update of the Forgotten Hope Mod. First some news regarding the website. Over the next few weeks we are going to be revamping the weapons, vehicles, and maps section with all new images to keep you all up to date as to our status. We will be quick to inform you of when these changes take place, so you can check out all the new content going into the 0.62 and future releases!

As we promised today we have quite the update. Today we're showcasing 30 new screen shots of two of our latest level creations!

The first map we'd like to showcase today was created by Armin Ace. This is a battle between the Germans and Americans, making utilization of our fall foliage texture set that a lot of you seem to be very fond of. This level is a step forward in bringing you more maps that focus on vehicle combat, to balance off our infantry based maps. Enjoy!








The second map we're showcasing is Kursk Day 1, done by Towbee. Most of you know that this map takes place in the Russian Steppes, and is the largest tanks battle in history, so no shortage of vehicles on this one folks! These screen shots also give you a good glimps of our KV-2 Russian heavy tank in action. Just a note about a couple of the screens, if you take the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th shots of the Kursk screen shots and put them together, they form a small action flip book, just something I noticed when I was putting this together.








That's all for this weeks update, but be sure to keep coming back to our site to check on the progress of the web site changes going into effect quite soon! And as always be sure to stop by our public forums to discuss this news update. See you next week folks!

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