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June 6th, 1944
Omaha Beach

Omaha Beach

USA USA   against   Germany Germany

Of all five landing beaches on D-Day, "Omaha Beach" was without a doubt the bloodiest of the day. The assault troops of the 29th Infantry Division and 2nd Ranger Battalion landing in Dog Green and Charlie sectors had the difficult task of securing the beachhead and clearing the road leading inland at Vierville-sur-Mer. The draw off the beach was heavily defended by the German Wehrmacht's 352nd Infantry Division, at 15 strongpoints also known as 'Widerstandsnester' (Resistance Nests). Each strongpoint was armed with machine guns, mortars and anti-tank guns interconnected by trenches and tunnels. These defences created a murderous cross-fire for any would-be attackers moving inland.

USA USA Germany Germany

  Ground Forces  
      Naval Vessels  
        Stationary Weapons  

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