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June 30th, 1944


Russia Russia   against   Finland Finland

June 1944, Karelian Isthmus. On the 28th, as the gruelling battle of Tali rages on, Finnish reinforcements from East Karelia arrive at the village of Ihantala and are immediately thrown into the combat. After fending off the Red Army in southern Ihantala, Major General Vihma’s 6th Division begin preparing their defenses. The bitter fighting at Tali had become a lost cause. Therefore on the 30th, under the orders of Lt.General Oesch, the Finns reorganise into a new defensive line. The Red Army attacks Ihantala on the same day. With support from their powerful artillery, along with the German Luftwaffe detachment Kuhlmey and the 303rd Sturmgeschutz Brigade, the Finns brace themselves for the relentless Red Army assaults...

Russia Russia Finland Finland

  Ground Forces  
  Stationary Weapons  

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