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June 25th, 1944


Russia Russia   against   Finland Finland

June 1944, Karelian Isthmus. The ill-prepared Viipuri-Kuparsaari-Taipale line faces a disaster as the Red Army captures the city of Viipuri on the 20th. Meanwhile the first skirmishes near the village of Tali had begun. On the foggy morning of the 25th, after a massive artillery barrage, the Red Army crushes the Finnish lines around lake Leitimo. The Soviet forces then target the crucial Portinhoikka crossroad, expecting to advance further to Juustila and Ihantala. In response, Major General Lagus sends his Armoured Division to face the Red Army onslaught, with German Luftwaffe detachment Kuhlmey arriving to assist the Finns just in time. The largest battle in the history of the Nordic countries is about to unfold ...

Russia Russia Finland Finland

  Ground Forces  
  Stationary Weapons  

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