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Germany against USA

Beyond the invasion beaches were ancient, knotted hedgerows, called bocage, that were ten to fifteen feet high and impossible to cut through. The Allies and the Germans moved off the beaches and into the bocage, fighting hedgerow by hedgerow. Allied and German units would get lost and stumble upon each other, and there was no way over or through them to escape. The invasion was in danger of stagnation.

Germany USA

  Ground Forces  
  • Jagdpanther
  • PzKpfw IV Ausf. H
  • SdKfz 124 "Wespe"
  • SdKfz 222
  • SdKfz 251/R "Stuka zu Fuß"
  • StuG III Ausf. G

  • GMC 2.5t
  • M4A1 Sherman
  • T19 HMC 105mm
  • Willys MB-2

  • Messerschmitt BF 109E

  • Lockheed P-38J "Lightning"
  • Republic P47B "Razorback"

  Stationary Weapons  
  • 15cm Nebelwerfer 41
  • 2cm Flak 38
  • 2cm Flakverling 38
  • 75mm Pak 40

  • 105mm Howitzer Mk II
  • 40-mm Bofors

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