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Kharkov Outskirts

Germany against Russia

The battle of Kharkov was one of the longest lasting battles during the whole WWII. After Germany was able to gain control over the area in october 1941 heavy fighting was still going on and the chances to win went to and from. Russians took Kharkov back in february 1942 to loose it again in following march. In august 1943 the last battle of Kharkov was up to fight and you are the one to decide it.

Germany Russia

  Ground Forces  
  • Goliath
  • Marder II
  • PzKpfw IV Ausf. H
  • PzKpfw V "Panther" Ausf. D
  • PzKpfw VI Ausf. B "TigerII/Königstiger"
  • SdKfz 184 "Elefant/Ferdinand"
  • SdKfz 251/1 "Hanomag"
  • StuG III Ausf. G

  • BM-13N Katyusha
  • Churchill IV (GB License)
  • KV-1
  • M4A3(105)
  • OT34 Flametank
  • SU-76
  • T-34
  • Zis 5

  Stationary Weapons  
  • 75mm Pak 40
  • 8.8cm Flak 18 "88"
  • Wurfgerät 40

  • Zis 3

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