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Posted by: B.F. Pierce
28.03.2004 22:00 GMT

Some great news for all of you fans of Forgotten Hope. Forgotten Hope 0.6 has been uploaded and is beginning to stream out to the public. The official release is tomorrow at 19:00PM GMT!. Today's we're releasing the E-Donkey release and the bittorrent release.

Due to some uploading problems we're only releasing one version of the mod on saturday, and that is the censored version of the files. Once we sort out the problems we'll be uploading and releasing the Forgotten Hope 0.6 Historical Accuracy patch that re-introduces the historic textures!

There are two installers for the 0.6 Release:

Forgotten Hope 0.6 Install 1 of 2.exe

Forgotten Hope 0.6 Install 2 of 2.exe

Those are the only two files you need to play the mod! This is a complete installation so if you have previous versions of Forgotten Hope you need to delete those first before installing 0.6!
Mirrors that have contacted us will begin receiving the private link where you can download the file shortly, if you haven't already received the link to do so!

Ok enough of that buisiness, here's the links to download Forgotten Hope 0.6 using bit-torrent or E-donkey.



The dedicated server version of Forgotten Hope 0.6 will also be released sometime today or tomorrow, so stay tuned if you're a server admin and we'll have you set up shortly!

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