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Posted by: B.F. Pierce
15.09.2004 22:00 GMT

Today the Forgotten Hope team would like to announce the official release date for Forgotten Hope version 0.65! The date is friday September 24th!

Along with the disclosure of the release date we'd also like to begin distributing the mod, over bit-torrent as well as distributing both the linux and windows server files!

Below you'll find the download link for Forgotten Hope version 0.65 over bit-torrent. If you've never used bit-torrent before go here and check it out. The file you will be getting from the bit-torrent download will be a password protected .rar archive file. You'll need win-rar to extract this file. The password you'll need to extract this file properly will be given out on Friday September 24th, the day we go live with the common download links.

bit-torrent link

If you're a filehoster, and would like to host the password protected file please contact Armin Ace and he'll get you all set up

Also today we'd like to post the downloads for the server versions of the mod, to give all of the people intending to host servers on release day a head start in getting themselves set up properly!.

Linux Server Version

Linux Server Version

Windows Server Version

Windows Server Version

As an added feature we've also begun distributing the manual for Forgotten Hope, this is a .PDF and you'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view it. This manual is full of useful information that will help you understand all of the features included within Forgotten Hope!

Forgotten Hope Manual

Now that that's all out of the way, we'd also like to present some more ingame screen shots to show you exactly what's in store for you this coming weekend! First up we have some British hardware, the 2 pounder, 6 pounder and the wellington bomber!



We also have some shots of Forgotten Hope's Afrika Corps in action, as well as a shot of the new .30 cal light machinegun.


And last but definately not least, we have two more screenshots of the new schwimmwagen!


That's all for today folks, but keep your eyes on this site all this week as we post more information of the release this friday! Be sure to stop by our public forums to dicuss this and other news updates!

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