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Posted by: BUG$
06.03.2005 17:00 GMT

What a dilemma! Exams or Forgotton Hope...Forgotton Hope or exams?!?

The last few days have been hellish. Last minute betatesting, coding the homepage, checking stuff here and there and all the while spicing it up with my studies in international management. The lack of sleep I've gotten the past few days and I might find myself writing an essay about the Allied Lend Lease program on my economics exam!

We experienced our own logistical challenges in the blitzkrieg to get 0.67 to you as soon as possible and in working order. A number of crashbugs surfaced in the waning hours of testing and an ftp nightmare led us to rely on good old-fashioned post mail! Thanks go to our sponsor Flüstertüte from his timely cooperation. We've done all the dirty work so...

How to install 0.67...

The 0.67 release of Forgotten Hope is an Incremental Patch, which means it's required that you have Version 0.65 of Forgotten Hope installed or Version 0.66 before installing the 0.67 file. If you have either of these versions, just run the 0.67 installer and follow its instructions.

If you do not have 0.65 or 0.66 installed you must install 0.65 before you do anything else; however, if you have any version of Forgotten Hope before 0.65, you will need to remove those versions before you install 0.65. To install 0.65, you will need WinRAR to extract the file.
Enter the password to unlocking the file. The file installs just like every other file. Forgotten Hope 0.65 is broken up into three separate installers, install them in order by double clicking the icon. Once you have done this you're all set to go to install 0.67!

If you haven't downloaded the 0.65 files here are the links for the installer.

I hope you won't have any problems with installing Forgotten Hope 0.67 once you are ready for it.

Forgotten Hope 0.67 update is being distributed to the several hosters at the moment. My pulse has gone down to 150 again and I think all of us will be totally wasted for the next two weeks. And you? Well - I think you will be happy in 3 hours from now that the new version is finally ready for download. At least if one of us manages not fall asleep before we can post the downloadlinks.

In the meantime you can check the changelog to see which improvements found their way into the new version. Forgotten Hope will feature new music for our loader and menu screens. We are grateful to Maik Bredlow who did a great job for his unique soundtrack. You might download the mp3 files here as a preview.

And now - I need a break. Cya in a few when the server links will be published followed by the client links only a little bit later.

And last but not least we have the Bittorrent pre-release for you. Please note that this file is password protected. The required password will be published at 2000 GMT with the client download links:

- Bittorrent Download Link

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