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Posted by: BUG$
06.03.2005 20:00 GMT

What you have been waiting for these last two months, your fondest desire has finally come true! Grab the Forgotten Hope 0.67 patch now!

If you downloaded the file via bittorrent (~500 users downloading via torrent atm - just for info) you might look up the password here.

Forgotten Hope 0.65/0.66 to 0.67 Client (patch):
- Bittorrent by  
- Amped DX
- Boomtown
- bwfore Japan  
- DFA BF-Clan  
- Filefront
- Filefront #2
- Fileplanet
- Fileshack
- FHNation  
- Forgotten Honor Tournament  
- Forgotten Mods  
- Teletubbiez Clan
- VOLT Online  

And once your download is finished feel free to join up the server sponsored by

Regenbogenkä FH0.67FINA @

Do not forget to download the new music created by Maik Bredlow here.

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