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Posted by: BUG$
01.04.2005 00:00 GMT

As the title says FH will be in the box - not the box used for the burial by our good, old mortician fellows, but the real powerful XBOX. According to ArminAce negotiations about that had started approximately half a year ago. As conversations were successful Electronic Arts and ArminAce agreed on the remastering of Forgotten Hope as title for the X-BOX. The Forgotten Hope Developer Team will gain an adequate compensation in return. Although money is always welcome the latest actions were total infamy by ArminAce as no one of the other Devs has been informed about the negotiations before today.

Anyway - we were told about ehe main features of the game already and for sure we want to share them with you:

  • State of the art graphics and sound technology collide to produce the most breathtaking gaming experience on any console.
  • 1-2 player(s) may fight the bots with the newest KI although used in Battlefield - Modern Combat local.
  • 14 stunning battlegrounds. Play 12 of the well known Battlefields like Zielona Gora and 2 unrevealed brand new battles.
  • Revolutionary gameplay for the console with more than 120 historically accurate vehicles and stationary weapons and 50 weapons for unprecedented and unlimited tactical maneuvers.

As you can see on the photo Forgotten Hope is already available as a beta version on the console. As progress is going good Forgotten Hope will be available for the XBOX in the United States in June 2005 at the price of 59.95 $ only. The release for Europe is scheduled for August 2005. As soon as the US version is on market Europeans will be able to preorder the US-Version at .

Many of you might be concerned about what's happening next. We have answers for that. Good and bad...
First the bad news: ArminAce was contracted by EA and has left the Forgotten Hope Dev Team to continue his work under their command.
Now the good news: As Electronic aThe development of Forgotten Hope will at least continue until version 0.7 for Battlefield 1942.

Last point to mention is that the development of Forgotten Hope 2 for the XBOX has already started (main reason why ArminAce left the team). As the new product shall be unique as possible and the strength of Forgotten Hope always was the great community the developers decided to involve you into the progress. The Forgotten Hope 2 soundartists have set up a hotline which users from Germany may use to give their ideas for voicecomments or ambient sounds (like soldiers' deaths) that must not be missed within Forgotten Hope 2:


1. Aged 21 or older
2. The caller needs to have the legal capacity in terms of law
3. The call costs 12 Cent/Minute out of the network of the Deutsche Telekom AG. All other locations/providers may charge different
4. All comments delivered via the hotline may be used and published.

If you match the listed conditions of participation and accept them you are welcome to dial the following number:

Forgotten Hope 2 Hotline (12ct/min - Germany only): 0180-5445169-494

That's all for today folks. The Forgotten Hope Developer Team is looking forward to the upcoming release on the XBOX although we lost an encouraged and motivated leader, although his latest actions were betrayal actually. Anyway - money serves as comfort always and as we still are able to develop Forgotten Hope for the PC out of danger to get in front of court we will be able to cope with the loss.
To make all speculations about Major Hartmann null before you even can think of it:
Major Hartmann did not follow ArminAce. We are still trying to get him back into Forgotten Hope but as we have to admit chances are poor at the moment.
With this unexpected news (even for almost all Devs) there will much room for discussion. We really hope to see you on our public forums to gather your opinion about this newsupdate.

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