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Posted by: BUG$
08.04.2005 20:00 GMT

Hello and welcome back for another update. We hope this is one you have been anticipating, as today the official Fan Map Pack #3 has finally arrived.

Just to freshen your memory here is the list of the maps, once again.

  • Burma
  • Chartres
  • Nuenen 1944
  • Road to Ramelle
  • Tali Ihantala
  • Trois Ponts

  • Click the maps for more details. But there is additional good news for you today. Not only will you be able to fight on the anticipated stunning new battlegrounds later tonight, you also get two bonus maps in the Fan Mappack #3.

    Battle for Ortona will be included as an extra goodie. Canadian troops met Germans at the Moro River, just outside Ortona, and fought their way into the town during eight bloody days in December of 1943. The Loyal Eddies battled elite paratroopers, as well as other tough German units. The terrific battle continued through the streets of Ortona and now you will be able to take part.



    The other extra you get is Tulagi Island. Though the landings on Guadalcanal took the bulk of the ships and Marines of the Operation "Watchtower" invasion force, the assault on the small Japanese-held islands to the north produced by far the heaviest fighting. Tulagi, site of the British Solomon Islands' pre-war government center, and the nearby Tanambogo-Gavutu seaplane base were garrisoned by tough Japanese Special Naval Landing Force troops. There was to be no easy win for the American GI's.




    Finally here are the links for the Forgotten Hope Fan Map Pack #3 or you. Grab it now and join the battles tonight!

    FH Fan Mappack #3 Downloadmirrors
    - Battlefield Chile
    - BF World
    - Boomtown
    - gamerc
    - Filefront
    - Forgotten Honor
    - VOLT Online

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