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Posted by: BUG$
18.04.2005 11:00 GMT

Welcome back for another update from the Forgotten Hope Mod. As you might know Fan Mappack #3 was released a few days ago. Hopefully downloaded it already - if not go on and do so! It took us longer than expected - yes. But we picked up info on what's good and bad. What we were taught this time are two things:

1. You really want additional maps
2. You want as much support as possible

Our overall conclusion is to give more mappers the opportunity to release their maps with our support and extend the life cycle of custom maps out there. That means there will be updates for the recent official Fan Mappack in the future and additional maps coming along with these updates if their quality is worth it. When maps became obsolete they will be eliminated to keep the size of the download reasonable. Furthermore we will try to offer help with beta testing if possible, though our own testing must remain our primary goal.

For all the mappers out there is the following message:
If your map is part of recently released Fan Mappack #3, you will have the chance to send in any updates until the 27th of April. Same goes for new maps not yet delivered. As we need some time to finish the installer/zip for Windows and Linux and preparation of the mirrors the release is scheduled for 30th April at 1200 GMT.

One last notice:
If the map sent in is really awesome and exclusive, it may be possible that we will include it into the next release of Forgotten Hope. Just attach a note you if would like this, as we would need your permission. Please be aware that only High-Quality maps will get this chance and if your map matches the criteria you will need to accept the following rules though if you want your map become part of Forgotten Hope.


Everyone who wants to sponsor content has to read & sign the "GENERAL AGREEMENT FOR CONTENT SPONSORING FROM PEOPLE OUTSIDE THE FH MOD TEAM" before the FH mod takes & uses his/her content.

If you spend content (like new textures ... a map ... vehicle etc.) to the Forgotten Hope moification (FH mod / FH) then you fully agree that all rights of the stuff you create for the mod belong to the Forgotten Hope mod team.
Once given to FH - FH owns the content.

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