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Posted by: BUG$
22.05.2005 23:00 GMT

Hello folks, and welcome back for another update of the Forgotten Hope Mod. First of all we are happy to announce the expansion of our homepage to include nine additional languages. We are an international mod with developers and fans across the globe, and we are happy that more of them can enjoy our website in their language of choice. Our thanks go out to Großadmiral Dönitz (Dutch), Arisaka, Winther, Gauntlet (Norwegian), Liquid (Chinese) and MkH^ (Finnish) for help with translations. Great job guys!

Sometimes your pathway leads to a crossroads. Then there is the need to make a decision. A decision based on a mix of knowledge and speculation. The Forgotten Hope developers have known about the biggest crossroads coming up for a while now, as have our fans. The decision to be made was whether to stay with Battlefield 1942 or to move on to the upcoming Battlefield 2.

As it involved big changes and because many details were unknown, we put off making a final decision. But with every second passing by, the crossroads came closer and time grew shorter. But, as fate would have it, Electronic Arts offered us a chance that we could not pass up. Finally, after months of possibilities and maybes we were able to have a closer look on the latest iteration of the Battlefield series.

Flying in to the United Kingdom, Armin Ace visited an EA development studio together with several members from other mod teams for a two-day trip full of information, presentations and experiences. Right afterwards, many made a stop at Berlin to join the EA Community Event. News posters from the most known German community pages and developers from all sorts of mods reported in, as did our own news poster BUG$.

Battlefield 2 was no longer an unknown with only rumours and speculation to go on. Battlefield 2 became something tangible as we played the game and used the editor that will be at our disposal once the game is out. Finally we had a chance to see what BF2 is capable of, what it looks like, what it feels like, what tools we can use for modding. Finally we were able to compare BF1942 with BF2 and make an informed decision about porting the mod to the new engine. After this there is no longer a crossroad. The path has turned into a straight highway with only one direction to go: Battlefield 2

Electronic Arts’ new approach to the modding community should be a big help for every mod, and we expect a quick start when modding for BF2 as the development tool should outshine every editor known to us. And additionally, we look forward to features that are already available, like limpet mines, different damage models depending on the current state of vehicles, artillery strikes, teamplay oriented game features in form of the command mode and squads, and, last but not least, beautiful graphics. You can now look forward to intense battles of the World War II with tomorrow's engine in the upcoming Forgotten Hope 2.

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