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Posted by: BUG$
12.06.2005 20:00 GMT

Hello folks, and welcome back for another update of the Forgotten Hope Mod. This time we continue our Italian holiday and have some new armor for you. In a previous update you already had a look at the Carro Armato M13/40 light tank and the Semovente da 75/18 Su Scafo M 41 assault gun. This time, you can review their smaller siblings.

The first piece on view today is the Carro Armato L6/40 modeled by Lude and skinned by Montoya. Production of this tank began in 1939 and it was considered to be about the same as the German PzKpfw II in terms of firepower and general mobility. With a maximum speed of 42km/h it dashed through the desert and hunted the enemy, whether with its 20mm Breda M35 gun in the open field, or as a flamethrower-equipped variant in urban regions..

Next, we have the Semovente L40 da 47/32 assault gun once more created by that dynamic duo, Lude and Montoya. Though not designed to be a tank destroyer, it soon fell easily into that role. This was the largest Italian self-propelled gun sent to the Russian Front. A total of 300 were produced between 1941 and 1943, including a command version in which the main gun 47mm L/34 was replaced with a Breda Model 38 8mm machine gun.

And since we got quizzed last weekend for not mentioning D-Day, we want to give some historical background about the 12th of June. Today, 61 years ago, the first V1 rocket hit London, and the US opened the 5th war loan drive. 60 years ago, on this day, the Allies freed the city of Trieste from its Yugoslavian occupiers.

But not only major incidents happened in the past, on this day. There are also small stories to tell. 61 years ago, Pilot Officer Andrew Charles Mynarski, RCAF, died of burns suffered when he attempted free the tail gunner of his damaged Lancaster bomber before bailing out over Cambrai. The tailgunner survived the crash and Mynarski was posthumously awarded the Victoria Cross.

We hope you enjoyed the additional information and we are grateful that you decided to stop by the site and check on our progress, be sure to stop by our public forums and discuss this news update.

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