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Posted by: BUG$
17.06.2005 18:00 GMT

Hello and welcome back to another update of the Forgotten Hope Mod. As you might know it is time for the release of the official Fan Mappack Version 5. A few words of explanation first. We think it is better to have support for the maps to extend their life cycle. So this release does not contain all new maps. Instead it will provide you with the latest version of maps that were already included in the last release. We do hope that the changes made (bugfixes and balancing issues based on your reports) will satisfy you and we are happy to say that three new maps were sent in until the announced deadline that were worth a release within the Fan Mappack.

As the Fan Mappack is a continuous project you may update your installation of Version 4 with the latest release file. No previous versions older than Version 4 are required and Version 4 is optional. Please note that only new and altered maps have been included in the Version 5 installer. For that reason you might miss some maps if you do not have Version 4 installed and for that reason installation of Version 4 is recommended before upgrading to the file below.

The following maps have been added or altered:

  • A Day of Zitadelle
  • Battle for Ortona
  • Chartres
  • Cretan Village
  • Nuenen 1944
  • Road to Ramelle
  • Trois Ponts
  • Tulagi Island
  • Vuoksi
  • An installer for windows is ready as a zipped archive for the serverfiles is as well. Make your pick and enjoy the latest version of the Fan Mappack.

    FH Fan Mappack Version 5 Windows Installer (Client)
    - AmpedDX
    - Forgottenmaps

    FH Fan Mappack Version 5 Linux/Windows Serverfiles
    - AmpedDX
    - Forgottenmaps

    That's all for today folks. We hope you will enjoy the new version of the Fan Mappack and maybe you find some time to visit our public forums where we'd like to welcome you to discuss the new release and its features. Do not forget to stop by our site on monday evening at 2000 GMT to have a look our progress with the mod development.

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