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Posted by: StrangerThanFiction
16.07.2005 02:00 GMT

Welcome back for a special Forgotten Hope community news bullletin. Starting on July 17th, will be hosting Fan map Pack #5 on their regular FH server at

Fan map #5 includes:

  • A Day of Zitadelle by benseras
  • Chartres by Civius
  • Cretan Village by Mr_Cheese
  • Nuenen 1944 by mArs
  • Road to Ramelle by Sgt. Country Boy
  • Trois Ponts by Knoffhoff
  • Tulagi by Real-BadSeed
  • Vuoksi by Civius

Fan maps sometimes don't get the attention they deserve, so this is a special opportunity to check out these cool maps on a busy, well run server. You can download these maps from links on this page.

That's all for today, but be sure to check back again next Sunday for a regular Forgotten Hope news update. Visit our public forums to discuss this and other news updates!

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