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Posted by: B.F. Pierce
05.09.2004 22:00 GMT

We have some more content to show off today! First up we're showcasing two new anti tank guys, the British 2 pounder and also the British 6 pounder.


We also have two more renders to show off, the first of these renders shows off some of the new handweapons that are getting included with 0.65, new skins for the PPsh and Sten submachine guns, and also renders of the Arisaka Carbine and the Mosin Carbine. The second render shows off all of the new player model equipment we've got for you. These include an entrenchment tool, new soldier head gear, and also pack gear including gas mask canisters and tons of other goodies!


That's all for this update folks, as you can see version 0.65 of Forgotten Hope is not far off! Be sure to check out public forums for more information!

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