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Posted by: StrangerThanFiction
15.08.2005 16:00 GMT

Welcome to athe conclusion of our two and a half part news update. At last, The British have arrived -- and in style. When the first FH2 Panzers take the field, they will find these models (and many others) waiting for them.

First off, the British will need new player models. As with the Germans, it will be a little while before we can show you the whole thing, but Zero has prepared a glimpse of what is to come. About 12 million Mark II steel helmets were produced during the war, and it was, perhaps, the most distinctive part of the British uniform.

Naturally, the British and their commonwealth allies will need the stately Matilda, to give the enemy 88s a slow moving, but durable target. The Matilda is substantially the same model that you will know from FH 1, but has been given skin makeover, as well as a normal mapping to prepare it for FH2. The Matilda was modeled by Jackalx2K, and skinned and normal mapped by AaronAsh and Rad. The Matilda also has a completely new set of tracks and wheels, thanks to Rad and Lobo.

In case the British team needs to actually get somewhere in a hurry we have prepared a completely reskinned and remapped Daimler Mk. I armored car. The Daimler was originally modeled by Lude, partially remodeled by Rad and Lobo, and skinned and normal mapped by AaronAsh and Rad.

Last, but far from least, we have a completely new M3 Stuart II, which was modeled and skinned by Rad. Originally the American "Light Tank, M3", it was designated the Stuart by the British, who first took the vehicle into combat. Stuarts saw action with American forces in Western Europe, Africa, and the Pacific, with Soviet forces on the The Eastern Front, but probably had their greatest impact in the Western Desert.

That's all for this week, but be sure to come next week for our next update. Until then, feel free to visit our public forums to discuss this update and other news.

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