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Posted by: StrangerThanFiction
30.08.2005 03:00 GMT

Nothing is pleasant that is not spiced with variety.

--Francis Bacon

Welcome back for another Forgotten Hope news update. This one is devoted to getting to know some alternate versions of some familiar faces. Some of the vehicles in this update have been shown before and you are getting a closer look. Others are have been redone for 0.7 and are being shown in their current form for the first time.

Before we get to the goods, I want to take a moment to welcome two new members to the team. First of all, I want to welcome Konigstiger who will be working on FH's sounds, and TPM_Montross who will be skinning. Both are veteran modders with lots of prior experience, and we are all looking forward to seeing what they come up with. Let's give them both a hand!

Leading off the new goodies, lets have a look at the M3 Light tank (known to the British as a Stuart) that will be battling the Imperial Japanese Army in the jungles and on the beaches of the Pacific, while its lend-lease cousins are seeing service in the Western Desert. There were many variants to the M3 Light Tank series: This one features a trio of hull mounted machine guns, in addition to the one in the turret. The two sponson-mounted side mgs were remote fired by the driver. The M3 Light Tank was modeled and skinned by Rad.

Next we have ingame screens of a rebuilt T19 Howitzer Motor Carriage. The T19 carried a 105 mm howitzer mounted on an M3 Halftrack, and was the largest halftrack-based artillery used by the U.S. during the war. This T19 was built by Rad based on the Dice hull and using the 105 howitzer by Dacrapper. The detail screens show some new features added to Forgotten Hope's M3 halftracks in general, including mouselook for the driver and a movable armored windshield.


Moving along we have some new perspectives on the Piper L4 and the GPA. Rad has modifed the Piper L4, originally Mange and Armin Aceto a seaplane version, as well as adding a functional door. There is really nothing new about Rad's GPA, at least not since last week, but it somehow ended up in all the pictures of the Piper, and is still fun to look at (and even more fun to drive!)



For our last set of variations, we have the sandbagged version of the M4A1 Sherman, and a n S.A.S. edition of the M3A1 halftrack, which did not quite make it into 0.67, but will finally arrive in 0.7. The M4A1 was modeled by Omni and skinned by McGibs, as well as having a wheels by Lude and tracks by Montoya. The S.A.S halftrack variation is by DICE and RAD.


That's all for this week, but be sure to come for some more news. Until then, feel free to visit our public forums to discuss this update and other news.

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