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Posted by: StrangerThanFiction
21.09.2005 02:00 GMT

Hello, and welcome back folks, for the latest Forgotten Hope news update. Compared to last week's monster update, this one is rather casual. There is no unifying thread to this update either, just some new info and visuals for you to to examine.

First of all, I am happy to announce that we have a new addition to the team. Ecsdesign will be making concept art and wallpapers for Forgotten Hope 2. Here is a stunning first offering from him showing British troops advancing through a cloud of North African dust. Lets all give a warm wecome to Ecsdesign!

Our wallpaper archive is not set up to support images that are not in a 4x3 aspect ratio, so here are links to some different sizes (Alternatively, you can download all of the different sizes in a single pack, from the wallpaper section.)


The unstoppable Rad has produced some new FH2 ingame screens showing a large military tent. Coming soon, to a map near you, these tents are are suitable for storage, quarters, field hospitals, and much, much more!



Finally, we have a little more map news about Forgotten Hope 0.7. We will be including two maps by the highly esteemed Otolikos. Both maps take place in Normandy, in the period after the June landings, but before the breakout, when the Allies were still consolidating their hold on the Norman peninsula. The first map, Ramelle, Neuville, 1944 has Allied infantry defending a Norman town from counterattack by German armor and infantry. The second, In the Hell of Bocage, 1944, takes place in the dense hedgerows of Normandy. Both maps are intense, sharp fights, that we are sure you will enjoy.


That's all for today folks. We hope you enjoyed the update and would like to invite you to visit our public forums to discuss this or other Forgotten Hope news.

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