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Posted by: B.F. Pierce
30.08.2004 22:00 GMT

Yet again we have another great update for the upcoming release of Forgotten Hope!

First up today we'd like to showcase two new renders of equipment you'll see quite soon. The Paratooper version of the m1 carbine done by Master Minder, Razor, and Lobo. The second render we have is of a new vehicle, the Sherman Jumbo, a modified Sherman tank done by Lobo.

The Jumbo was a modified sherman M4A3, these modifications included reinforced frontal armor, and the addition of the 76mm cannon. These tanks gave the Americans an armoured boost after the landings in Normandy.


Also for today we have several shots of another of our new maps to be included. Below, feast your eyes upon Beregil's latest creation, Operation Nordwind 1944.




That's all for this weekend folks, stay tuned for more from the Forgotten Hope mod team! Be sure to discuss this news in our public forums

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