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Posted by: StrangerThanFiction
08.02.2006 21:00 GMT

Greetings and welcome back to this week's news update for Forgotten Hope. Before we get to new stuff for Forgotten Hope 2, we want to remind you all that Forgotten Hope for BF1942 is still alive and kicking. We will be posting fresh news about the Fan Map Pack soon, and it looks as though this one will be the best one ever, with many very strong entries.

As if that wasn't enough, Battle for Europe: World at War is nearing the start of its 12th Campaign of fierce, tactical, and organized FH team play, on an large scale. BFE:WaW has exciting, large scale, twelve hour battles every week that allows you to fight under a disciplined chain of command, working together as one cohesive force. Remember, BFE is not a clan, it's an organized tournament.

In BFE-WAW you can enlist in one of 8 companies, from 2 divisions, across Armies representing both the Axis and the Allies during World War 2. Each division has a skilled, structured, and organized chain of command. Join up as a lowly line grunt, and then work your way up through the ranks. The only question left is: What side are you on?

Campaign XII will feature many new concepts including a historical timeline--each week of the campaign will be assigned a date that is used to determine what equipment is available for the battles that week. The officers of each side will now be responsible for purchasing their force's equipment before each week's battles! And better yet, the other side will not know what they are facing until the action starts!

Happy Valentines's Day from the FH Team!

Next week many of you will no doubt be distracted by Valentine's Day goings on--flowers and chocolates for girlfriends and wives (hopefully not both) and so on. Today, though, it is Valentine's day for you, because this week's FH2 news features the first in-game shots of the FH2 Valentine Mark II infantry tank.

The Valentine was the most-produced British tank of the war, and perhaps the most successful of the early war British designs, mainly due to its reliability. It saw action for the first time in 1941, during Operation Crusader, and served throughout the desert campaign. Although Valentines were not used much in Western Europe, they also saw action in the Pacific and in Soviet service on the East Front.

The Forgotten Hope 2 Valentine was modeled and skinned by Montoya and imported and coded by ctz. Also, although we can't let you hear them yet, the Valentine has all new sounds created by Citizen Soldier. Also notice the Nissen hut, originally modelled by The Jackalx2k for FH and imported and retextured for FH2 by ctz.




That's all for today, but be sure to come back next week for another Forgotten Hope update. Until then, feel free to visit our public forums to discuss this update or other news.

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