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Posted by: BUG$
27.02.2006 21:00 GMT

Hello and welcome back to another update of Forgotten Hope 2. Today we want to reassure you that , with every week passing by, more and more of the machines of war which saw action in North Africa, get into the game. One of these items is to be shown today.

Last December we showed a render of the M3 Grant, but today, we are able to present our first in-game screens of the Grant. Although U.S. practice was to refer to tanks by undramatic numerical designations (like M3 Medium) British troops tended to give lend lease equipment more memorable titles, especially the names of generals from the American Civil War. The original M3 was designated for Confederate General Robert E Lee, however the modified version preferred by British Forces was called the Grant, after Union General, and later President, Ulysses S Grant, known popularly as "Unconditional Surrender" Grant for his refusal to offer terms.

The Grant saw action first in 1942 at the battle of Gazala and when it entered the battlefield for the first time, the M3 was generally appreciated for its mechanical reliability, good armor, and heavy firepower. It outclassed any available British tank and was a serious threat for any German armoured vehicle. Now -- 64 years later -- the Grant enters service another time. The Grant was modeled by Lude and tweaked, normal-mapped and skinned by Omni.



We hope you enjoyed the news and we are grateful that you decided to stop by the site and check on our progress, be sure to stop by our public forums and discuss today's news update.

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