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Posted by: BUG$
15.05.2006 19:00 GMT

Hello and welcome back to another update of Forgotten Hope. Time to show off some progress made at the development of Forgotten Hope 2. And furthermore, we have additional news for you on the latest Fan Mappack. But let's first start with the FH2 goodies...

Last week we already introduced the 20 mm Flugabwehrkanone 38. The wait for getting it ingame was relatively short this time around. So today we are proud to present the first ingame shots of the most common, light anti-aircraft gun of the German armed forces. The Flak 38 was modelled and skinned by jodonnell.

Our last Forgotten Hope 2 images for this update, are showing a trench. As we promised a few weeks ago, more emplacements were to come. And today we have an Italian, fortified trench for you. This should be very welcomed by all infantry men as it provides cover which often seems to be missing in the vast, barren desert. The trench was created by Lobo and the wall texture is made by Hush from the BF1936 modification.

So much for the news on Forgotten Hope 2. You might want to join us on IRC and our public forums. And we really recommened that everyone read on to get the latest information on the upcoming Forgotten Hope Fan Mappack. You won't need any other reason to play Forgotten Hope for Battlefield 1942 again.

And now it is finally the time for settling things. Many of you can't wait to get your hands on the final version of the latest Forgotten Hope Fan Mappack, for Forgotten Hope, for Battlefield 1942. Our betatesters and the mappers have worked very hard and have done an excellent job. The final testing yesterday came up only with a few minor problems. For that reason, we are very confident that our current schedule will stay unchanged. What does that mean for you? We have settled on a release date for the latest version of the Forgotten Hope Fan Mappack!

Forgotten Hope Fan Mappack Releasedate:

Server:18th May @ 2000 GMT
Client:19th May @ 1800 GMT

Featured maps:
  • A Day ofZitadelle
  • Cretan Village
  • Fall Gelb - 1940
  • Kiew
  • Nuenen - 1944
  • Operation Lilliput
  • Road to Ramelle
  • Soletschnogorsk - 1941
  • Spurning Fate - 1945
  • Stashuv Area
  • The Attack on Carentan - 1944
  • Todtenbruch - 1944
  • Tulagi Island

And with all these maps you can expect a few new grenades at your disposal. To be more precise the Nebelhandgranate 39, M18, AN-M8, RDG1 and the Eihandgranate 39. These models have been made by Arisaka, GeRmAn~Bratwurst, knoffhoff, Mr_Cheese, Purity, SirFluffy and Toddel. For exact details watch the render below.

And last but not least... We have a few screenshots of some of the maps coming along, to feul the fire of your curiosity, if that has not already happened yet.

That's all for today. But be sure to come back for the release of the Forgotten Hope Fan Mappack! And you are kindly invited to join us on IRC. and our public forums.

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