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Posted by: BUG$
19.05.2006 18:00 GMT

Hello, and welcome to the official release of the Forgotten Hope Fan Mappack #6 for Forgotten Hope for Battlefield 1942 client files. For those who downloaded the BitTorrent, the password is:


If you did not download the BitTorrent, you can now download the regular, unpassworded, release version.

If you are new to FH, be sure your copy of BF1942 has the latest patch, which is available on this page. The client files are compressed as .rar or .zip archives, and you will need an appropriate utility to unpack them before installing. If you do not have one, you can get winrar

New and old users alike, will need the latest version, v0.7, of Forgotten Hope for Battlefield 1942 before playing. If not yet installed you might check the download section for the links to grab it. But be aware -- this will be a huge download. It is definitely worth the effort, though!

Good luck and enjoy!

Forgotten Hope Fan Mappack #6 Client:

Once your download is completed you might feel playing a round. Just join one of the servers below, which are currently running the new mappack:

Forgotten Hope Fan Mappack #6 Servers:

  • : 14567 RBK FH Fanmappack 6
  • : 14567
  • : 14567 FragThe.Net Bravo FH
  • : 14567
  • : 14567 World at War Public FH .7
  • : 14570 Forgotten Company - Map Pack 6
  • : 14567 FH0.7MapPack#6

That's all for today - at least from our side - but we hope that you will have a long night to enjoy with a lot of pleasant games. And maybe you find the time somewhen to join us on IRC and/or our forums public forums to share your battlestories with the Devs, Fanmappers and other players.

Finally we would like to thank everyone out there who helped, by supporting the mod! Doesn't matter if as hoster, newsposter, player, modeller, skinner, mapper or what else... It's great to have people like you!

The FH-Dev Team says THANK YOU!

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