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Posted by: B.F. Pierce
27.08.2004 22:00 GMT

Welcome back for a long overdue update to the news page. We'd like to announce that we are finally finished adding new content to the next release of Forgotten Hope. We are now polishing this work and fixing any bugs that we find. Expect news of a release to come quite soon!

We also have some content to show off today, first up are two renders of the famous Bismarck.


For today we also have a preview of two maps being included with the next release of Forgotten Hope, both of these were done by Armin Ace. The first map is the reworked and retextured Valirisk map. We have the ingame map, the loading screen and some preview shots of the maps below.




The second map we're showcasing is Bombing the Reich. This map is an objective based map, where the allies are attempting to bomb factories in Germany.




That's all for todays news update folks, you can discuss this news in our public forums.

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