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Posted by: Bug$ & StrangerThanFiction
01.08.2006 17:00 GMT

Hello and welcome back to another update of Forgotten Hope. Yesterday we posted a preview image and a bit of cryptic nonsense. Today it is time to deliver on that nonsense! Today, finally, you can see the first part of the most often requested object since Forgotten Hope 2 was announced. We had to take a long road to get there, but finally, we are able to present the German player model.

We wanted to create a little extra buzz for today, since for us it is a huge milestone. Completing our first player model has been the most difficult, and at the same time most critical single development hurdle since we started working on Forgotten Hope 2. We were a bit startled at the firestorm of comment that our little preview picture created—-we would never have predicted it, but are happy to find out how many people care so much about what we put in our news.

But rather than more words, we would like to show you the goods. The German player model wears a uniform typical of a Deutsche Afrika Korps infantryman from the 1941-early 1942 period, based on research by Lightning, Taranov and Zero. We have shown him with a selection of kit and weapon items to give you an idea of the variety, but there is more to come in future updates.

The DAK landser was modeled by Zero, who weighted the model, created the normal map and performed the initial skinning as well. The skin was refined by McGibs and the exporting and coding was done by ctz. The lovely renders were created by Rad, and the whole team subjected those already mentioned to incessant kibitzing until we decided it was ready to show the public. We hope you feel it was worth the long wait.


Please check back next weekend for the next Forgotten Hope news update, which will include even more new images of our mod’s development. Until then we would like to invite all those who wish to send praise, criticism, threats or slanders to our IRC channel and public forums to discuss this update.

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