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Posted by: BUG$ & StrangerthanFiction
09.10.2006 21:00 GMT

Hello and welcome back to another update of Forgotten Hope. We would like to start the update with a recruitement advertisement for coder applicants. Come and "Help feed the Beast". Anyone being interested and qualified may contact our leader Lobo. For further contact details check out the staff page.

First item for today is the Cruiser Mk VI tank. The Crusader is sometimes referred to as the most important British tank used during the Africa campaign, because of the large numbers fielded. Unfortunately, earlier versions were armed with the 2-pounder cannon, which proved inadequate for dealing with all but the lightest German tanks. The Crusader III, introduced in time for the final El Alamein battles in late 1942, mounted a 6-pounder, the first British tank to carry this gun. The 57mm ROQF (Royal Ordnance Quick-Firing) 6-pounder gave the Crusader III enough power to penetrate the most well-armoured German vehicles then in the field. Like earlier versions of the Crusader, the Mark III was fast, but not well armoured. The Crusader III was modelled by OMNI and skinned by Jimbob.

Next item for today is the M3 Light Tank, referred to as the Stuart by the British Army, after legendary Confederate Civil War cavalry General Jeb Stuart, in keeping with their common practice of naming lend-lease tanks after American generals. The British 7th Armoured Division also supplied their own nickname, calling the vehicle 'Honey' due to its superior reliability and agility. As with the German Panzer II the Stuart proved to be too weakly armed to deal with later enemy medium or heavy tanks and was restricted to a reconnaissance role later on. For the ones we showcase today the change of role came too late.

That's all for today, but be sure to come back next week for another Forgotten Hope update. And don't forget to join us on IRC. Feel free to visit our public forums to discuss this update or other news.

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