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Posted by: StrangerThanFiction
09.01.2007 18:00 GMT

Hello and welcome back to the latest news update for Forgotten Hope. Today we have both our first officially announced map for Forgotten Hope 2: Operation Supercharge by Lobo.

Supercharge was a major British armored offensive which took place in early November of 1942. Geographically, the offensive was aimed at the Tell el Aqqaqir, near the northern end of the Axis lines, but the purpose of the attack was to breach the Axis defenses and draw their armored forces into a costly battle. The offensive was narrowly halted by a counterattack involving most of the remaining German and Italian armor, but with such heavy losses that the Axis positions at El Alamein were no longer tenable, forcing them to withdraw shortly afterwards. Lobo's map depicts Supercharge itself, as well as the opening stages of the pursuit which followed.

El Daba

Tell el Aqqaqir

El Daba buildings were created by Lobo, Rad, and Malsa. Incidental details were by Toddel.

El Daba outskirts

Tell el Aqqaqir sandstorm

Opel wrecks were created by Mange, Jimbob, and ctz. The sandstorm was caused by ctz.

British Airfield Briefing Room

Axis Command Bunker

Nissen Hut created byThe Jackalx2k, Rad, and ctz. Underground bunker by Duke of Holland. Briefing room details, and tunnelling were by Lobo. Oildrums were manufactured by Rad.

Sidi Abd el Rahman

Sidi Abd el Rahman

Houses destroyed by Malsa. Villa by Toddel. Roman temple ruined by Lobo. Other scenic details by Toddel, Rad and Lobo.

Ghazal Stn

Tell el Aqqaqir bunker

Tell el Aqqaqir bunker structure by Lobo.

El Daba

Tell el Eisa

Tower by Rad and Lobo. Other houses by Malsa, Rad and Lobo. Bridge by Lobo. Guard Rails by Toddel.

To help you see how all these images fit together, here is a diagram showing the layout of of Lobo's Operation Supercharge map. It is not an accurate reflection of the final appearance of the FH2 minimaps, however. This "Work-in-progress verision of the Operation Supercharge map was prepared by Sgt. Wedge.

Supercharge WIP Map

As a final item, we are happy to announce a new gameplay feature--command stations. In order to make full use of each sides command assets, the commander needs to be able to communicate with the troops. This requires access to a functioning communications center, some of which may be fixed and some which may be mobile. Command stations can be destroyed, repaired or captured. Shown below are two examples of fixed command stations. The models and textures are by Lobo, and the command station feature was created by ctz.

British Command Station

German Command Station

That's all for today, but be sure to come back for another Forgotten Hope update. And don't forget to join us on IRC. Feel free to visit our public forums to discuss this update or other news.

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