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Posted by: B.F. Pierce
13.11.2004 22:00 GMT

We've got another update for all of the Forgotten Hope mod fans out there. First off I'd like to start off with a little bit of community news.

First on the agenda is news relating to a new Forgotten Hope ladder starting up in Australia and New Zealand, here's a bit of the email that was sent to us.

The Australian Expeditionary Forces, in partnership with OGN, IINET, are starting a Forgotten Hope Ladder Competition in Australia/New Zealand. The AEF/OGN Forgotten Hope Ladder will be sponsored by IINET and will be hosted by the AEF/OGN Servers.

We are currently receiving expressions of interest from clans and individuals in Australia and New Zealand and to register your interest simply visit the OGN Forgotten Hope forum.

The Australian Expeditionary Forces, with the express permission of the Forgotten Hope Development team, are the official Southern Hemisphere distributors of Forgotten Hope and any clan or individual requiring a free copy of Forgotten Hope on CD can go to the AEF website and register.

We also have received word that another server is working with clans and match play for Forgotten Hope, check out for more information, perhaps they offer something you've always wanted in a server

It's really hard for the team to express in words all of the support we've received since we began doing this, and seeing these math play sites springing up, the only thing we can do is, well, produce more content for you all!

Today we'd like to showcase three new renders that will be included in the next patch to Forgotten Hope.

First up we have adjusted the panzerschrek model, by adding the blast shield found on many of them. This blast shield will be used in tandem with a more realistit sighting system for Anti Tank weapons! Check it out below, the adjustments were done by Lobo.

We also have a new static object that will be included, this is a model of a coal mine, done by Lobo as well.

And last, but definately not least, we have finally brought the British Universal Carrier ingame, check it out below. This model was done by Omni and the texture work was done by Aaron Ash.

Well that's all for this update, but be sure to stay tuned for more content updates from the Forgotten Hope team.

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