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Posted by: BUG$ and ctz
22.05.2007 22:00 GMT

Hello and welcome back to another update of Forgotten Hope 2. It's been a while since we last showedcased new stuff. Today the time has come to change that. We would like to introduce a few features of the gameplay, 2 new vehicles and 2 handweapons.

First up this week we have some details of some of the gameplay features you will find in Forgotten Hope 2.

Push Mode
For those who have played the original Forgotten Hope, this will be a well understood concept. In Forgotten Hope 2, there are many improvements and refinements. Most notably, the avenues of attack and contention of capture points is shown and updated on each player's minimap. This provides clear and simple feedback on the progress of the map and is a great improvement on the confusion occasionally caused by Push in Forgotten Hope, or large volumes of text instructions seen in other mods which implement variations on this concept.


Artillery Reload Times
In Forgotten Hope 2 artillery reload time is controllable by mappers. In Battlefield 2 mods released so far, this has been fixed at 60 seconds. This allows us to implement realistically powerful artillery shelling, without destroying gameplay.

Kit Limiting
Kit limiting is an important feature in Forgotten Hope 2, allowing mappers to control numbers of specialised or powerful weapons. This, in turn, allows these weapons to be realistically lethal and accurate.

A mapper defines a percentage for each limited kit. For example, if 10% is applied to the Bren MK1 kit and 25 players are on your team, 3 Bren MK1s will be available for use.

This system also restricts an Officer kit to use by fireteam leaders and commanders. This acts to make your commanding officers more recognisable on the battlefield by having more mature faces, different headwear, different uniform markings, and so on.

The spotting system has been overhauled. Grunts yell out loud. They do not communicate their discovery of enemies to their team via radio, nor is a red marker placed on the unit. Fireteam leaders do communicate spots using the radio. Markers are placed on enemy units using the binoculars.

This provides increased atmosphere in two ways: much less radio spam, and soldiers close-by yelling to communicate.

Next up! This supply parachute is based on the British X9 parachute. It was modelled, skinned and coded by ctz. The British X9 and German RZ20 parachutes will be shown later.


Both weapons we would like to showoff today are limited in range but make all up with their devastating effect. First item we have is the German Geballte Ladung coming along with 3kg of explosives. It was made by Knoffhoff and will serve you well against anything even medium tanks. But use them wisely. The danger of friendly losses is high if used wrong. The charge was coded by ctz and skillfully animated by Killi Vanilli.

There's an interesting german propoganda film over at YouTube showing use of this and other infantry anti-tank weapons.

The second weapon is all against tanks. The British GS Mk. V AT Mine was created by ctz including the code and animated by Killi Vanilli.

Time to move on quickly with the vehicles. And there is no better choice than the 80 km/h fast Marmon-Herrington Mk. III A. Toddel designed this armored reconaissance vehicle. The version you see is non-standard equipped, carrying a single Breda 20mm machinegun, which should be able to deal with any infantry threat encountering you. The reason for the armament upgrade, were dire supply and ammo shortages, as it was common in the African theatre. This vehicle can act in anti-aircraft, anti-personnel and limited anti-armour roles, not only due to the code written by ctz.

Our last vehicle for today is a little slower than the first and not really armed any better. The Italian Carro Armato carried a 20mm Breda M35 and an additional 8mm Breda M38. Its maximum speed on road was 42 km/h. The light tank was modeled by Lude and Montoya. The paint was delivered by Toddel.

That's all for today, but be sure to come back for another Forgotten Hope update. And don't forget to join us on IRC. Feel free to visit our public forums to discuss this update or other news.

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