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Posted by: BUG$
04.12.2007 21:00 GMT

Hello and welcome back to another update of Forgotten Hope 2. It has been a while since we made an official announcement in form of a newspost. Today's news are the result of a server outage making our page temporarily unavailable.

This is what happenned: the server our page was formerly hosted on had a serious HDD crash and with that the online version and backup of the website that our long time supporter Filefront kept in storage were lost. In consequence we had to upload the whole page containing more than 7.000 files again. We feel really sorry and would like to apologize for any inconvenience you might have encountered.

Hopefully you will be glad to hear that the version you now see is not just what we offered before! The Forgotten Hope homepage had to undergo a massive update. Forgotten Hope for Battlefield 1942(tm) content is now on display as well as everything Forgotten Hope 2 for Battlefield 2(tm) related.

To switch inbetween you may use the switch button located in the right menu above the sponsors section. Furthermore you might have noticed that we added a Statics section, which will be filled continously in the future as all other sections.
The archives are now sorted by date in descending order, so the latest info is always on top. The added search function should save you a lot of time when looking for something special. But enough on this topic - feel free to take a look around, you are welcome to add your comments, suggestions to our public forums.

And this would not be an update if there was not anything new to see. We have 14 brand new images for you to ease any pain you might have felt in the last few days. The first 4 shots show the map Operation Supercharge created by Lobo.

Supercharge was a major British armored offensive which took place in early November of 1942. Geographically, the offensive was aimed at the Tell el Aqqaqir, near the northern end of the Axis lines, but the purpose of the attack was to breach the Axis defenses and draw their armored forces into a costly battle. The offensive was narrowly halted by a counterattack involving most of the remaining German and Italian armor, but with such heavy losses that the Axis positions at El Alamein were no longer tenable, forcing them to withdraw shortly afterwards. Lobo's map depicts Supercharge itself, as well as the opening stages of the pursuit which followed.

More impressions come with the map Operation Hyacinth, the first map made by ctz in cooperation with Lobo. The operation was part of the larger Operation Agreement raiding campaign which took place in September of 1942. The Hyacinth operation, aimed principally at the airfield located near the Libyan town of Barce, was the most succesful of all of the otherwise costly Operation Agreement raids. LRDG patrols under Major J. R. Easonsmith traveled over 700 miles and destroyed sixteen aircraft, damaged many others, and caused heavy damage to the Barce airfield and the nearby town.

The last images were taken on Alam Halfa, a map created by Knoffhoff. In a final attempt to repair off the precarious situation in the El Alamein area, Rommel started a major offensive with the goal of breaking through the British lines in the southern sector, turn to the north and close in on the British forces. On the other side Montgomery, who had just taken command of the British 8th Army and had access to intelligence reports that gave away Rommels plans, was preparing his defence at Alam el Halfa.

That's all for today, but be sure to come back for another Forgotten Hope update in the near future, as we are confident that Forgotten Hope 2 will not take too much longer to be released. And don't forget to join us on IRC. Feel free to visit our public forums to discuss this update or other news.

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