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Posted by: BUG$ & ctz
11.12.2007 22:30 GMT

Hello and welcome back to another update of Forgotten Hope 2. Before the release of Forgotten Hope 2 there is much more information to tell. As you know we always try to support our community the best we can. If it was with basic files for mapping for Forgotten Hope for Battlefield 1942(tm) or just by assistance on our forums. With the upcoming Forgotten Hope 2 for Battlefield 2(tm) we want to give you more than just another modification!

A while ago Purity joined the Forgotten Hope Developer Team. Today we would like to present his work and unveil what he did in the last number of months. Come on and have a look at the Forgotten Hope Toolbox!

The Toolbox is some powerful software delivered with Forgotten Hope 2. It was designed for day to day use with Forgotten Hope 2. It has several features we would like to introduce step by step.



The first feature we present is the Gameserver Browser coming along with filter, favourites and buddies functions. Whenever you feel like playing this browser will have up to date information for you. Select your personal favourites and have a look at them well arranged in a special tab, or simply have a look where your clanmates are playing right at the moment to join them into the battle. Furthermore you can use the filer if you look for a special map, server, player or what else comes in mind.

The Serverdetails allow you a closer look on a special server. Simply right click on the selected server and make your choice!
And by doing so enjoy the Toolbox Lag Compensation feature. This feature will correct the Battlefield 2(tm) ping compensation value according to your specific ping to the server as you join. As a result aiming is more consistent if you are playing on a server far away. It is no longer necessary to aim above, below, in front or behind your victim: Hit where you aim!


Once you found a server of choice or you choose to host one yourself, you can take advantage of the Game Server Startup features. You can configure all startup parameters here wether it is the required password or your desired screenresolution. The most common features can be selected right out of the Toolbox, for more special wishes the shortcut generator helps you to create the right startup path.


Additional tools as the Cache Cleaners and the Movie Disabler will help you to streamline your installation of Battlefield 2(tm) and Forgotten Hope 2, if you so desire



An additional feature is for everyone using Teamspeak. Add your favourite TS-Server to the tool and check without the need to join the server who is online. Find your buddies without serverhopping and join the right server at the right time. Make use of Teamspeak as command and control tool to share your info during a fight and increase your chances to win the round.


For your friends the Quick View function was integrated. Watch their current status on the most common voice and instant messenger tools. Using this tool the chance to miss any of your friends is almost reduced to 0%!


And there is more to the tool still! For sure every gamer would love to have his own personal computer. But as not everyone is that lucky the Toolbox comes along with a Profile Management for shared computers.

The Toolbox is able to update your Punkbuster(tm) installation to the most recent version. No server will lock you out for an installation out of date.


The last feature we want to announce is the Timezone Calculator. In the past we often realized that the timezones led to a lot of confusion. This tool will help you not to miss any news updates and arrange matches with players in other timezones. And if you are bored you might use it to check the current time of someone on your buddylist.

All relevant information according the Toolbox created by Purity should be available in the FHWiki by the end of the week at the latest.

Next up, we have the second installment in the series of Forgotten Hope 2 Basic Training created by McGibs, voiced by Major, animated by Killi Vanilli and post-processed by jodonnell. This video covers Weapon Familiarisation and Infantry Training. Enjoy!

That's all for today, but be sure to come back for another Forgotten Hope update tomorrow, when we will be releasing the next in this series of videos, the passworded bittorrent download and the dedicated server files.

And don't forget to join us on IRC. Feel free to visit our public forums to discuss this update or other news.

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