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Posted by: Lightning
20.04.2008 20:30 GMT

Hello and welcome back to another update of Forgotten Hope. Today we'll show you the third and final map that will make its appearance in the patch. For this map, made by betatester DarkPepe and developer Fenring, we'll take a slight detour from Africa and go to the Mediterranean island of Crete. Unlike Sfakia, this map shows the airborne invasion of Crete. The Invasion of Crete is a remake of the original Crete 1941 from Forgotten Hope 0.7.

"Germany's war with Greece started when its ally Italy invaded the country in October of 1940. The Italian morale was low, and the invasion rushed and poorly planned. As a result the Italian armies failed to make much progress and in November the Greek armies pushed the Italians over the pre-war borders. Italy's failure forced Germany to intervene, as Commonwealth troops would be reinforcing the Greek armies. With the preparations of Operation Barbarossa, the invasion of the Soviet Union, well underway it was imperative that the southern flank should be secure."

"On April 6th Germany invaded Greece and less than 3 weeks later it surrendered. The island of Crete however was still in allied hands. As allied bombers from Crete could reach the Romanian oil fields the island had to be taken. The German plan was to take Crete's airfields with paratroopers and glider infantry. Once under German control, more troops and heavier equipment could be landed there to take the rest of the island. So, on May 20th 1941, the airborne invasion of Crete codenamed 'Operation Merkur' began."

"The German Fallschirmjäger suffered appalling casualties during the initial landings. Their landing procedure involved an acrobatic roll upon landing, so it was not possible for the soldiers to carry their weapons during the descent. As a result their weapons were held in a container, which was dropped by the plane. Once on the ground the soldiers had to find the container and get their weapons and ammo out, but often this had to be done under fire from the allied troops."

"With the capture of Maleme airfield on May 21st the first reinforcements could be landed and by the evening of the same day the first Gebirgsjäger started arriving. Despite the casualties suffered, the Germans managed to hold their ground and on May 27th the commonwealth forces were forced to start evacuating the island."

We've also got another Forgotten Hope 2 community advertisement today.

History is War is a German Forgotten Hope 2 community, which features an extremely detailed ranking system, modeled on the real Royal Army and Wehrmacht. We try to re-enact the great battles of World War 2 as interesting as possible, with the aid of variable and challenging tasks in which the effort of every single soldier is significant. You can even create and play your own custom kit and you will be able to gain lots of medals for different services. We already have three Forgotten Hope 2 servers, including our own Teamspeak server. So, if you are an ambitious Forgotten Hope 2 player, interested in the most realistic warfare possible, without getting an actual bullet in your chest? Then this is the community for you! You can visit our website here:

And finally, a Forgotten Hope 0.7 tournament advertisement.

Forgotten Honor Americana is proud to present to you Americana FH1 Campaign #3: Ending the Silence.

101st Airborne Division vs 17th Panzergrenadier Division

Forgotten Honor is opening it's third Americana campaign to finally explore a theater not yet visited by the best and brightest Forgotten Hope tournament on the web, the Western Front '44-'45. The prospect for Campaign #3 is the best yet for FHT Americana, and consists of a full team of map designers, coders, modders, and admins. The theater of war will be based in France and Germany, from Normandy to the heart of the Reich and to the end of the war, taking place from June of 1944 to May of 1945. The emphasis of this front by FHT is put primarily on the aspect of the "Boy's Toys" war, with the latest in conventional and advanced weaponry at the time, mass produced and deployed heavily on the line.
The campaign, backed by the full force of the professional and highly experienced development team of Forgotten Honor, promises to offer explosive, fun, and engaging game play, all with the tried and true Forgotten Honor formula: organization. Tactics and team play will reign supreme in the field of Battle, with detailed and complex organization, chains of command, individual armies, divisions, units, mottos, citations, insignias, ranks, rewards, medals, ribbons, and a plethora of intense unit-cohesive warfare. Commanding teams are created from the best and brightest of the community; strategies and battle plans formulated to beat the best in the surest ways possible. Even the newest recruit has the opportunity to advance through the numerous ranks to achieve a status envied by the many and attained by the few.
Forgotten Honor upholds it's expectations and standards for a grand tournament experience that will be fun and rewarding for everyone, so what are you waiting for?
Partake in the Liberation of Western Europe and the final defeat of the Nazi Empire, or join with the axis in the final defense of the Reich for an end worthy of honor and glory. Partake in Americana Campaign #3 and become a part of history. Enlist now.

*Massive 64-player battles on Saturday nights
*Fully custom maps, custom battles, and historically accurate campaign
*Play the original FH1 again
*Tired of pubby servers? Try FHT with highly organized battles, and 3 tournament timezones
*C#3 Theater of War- Normandy 1944-Germany 1945

That's all for this week, but be sure to come back next time for another update. Until then, feel free to visit our IRC channel and our public forums to discuss this update and other news.

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