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Posted by: Lightning
16.05.2008 18:00 GMT

Hello and welcome back to another update of Forgotten Hope 2. Finally, after 5 months of development, we are proud to present Forgotten Hope 2.1. We hope you've all had a chance to download the passworded torrents, so you can get right to playing 2.1 after installing, but don't worry if you haven't, because we've also got a long list of mirrors where you can download the unpassworded files.

Installation Instructions

To help you through the process of installing Forgotten Hope 2.1, we've prepared some step by step instructions. There are as many as four files available. First, you have the two passworded files, one of which is a full version and one of which is a patch. These files are in .rar format and you will need a program such as win-rar to extract the installation file. The password for these files is:

Password for the pre-release .rar file


After extracting the installer just open the file and it should guide you through the rest of the installation. Just remember, if you downloaded the patch, make sure you have an unedited version of Forgotten Hope 2.0 installed (custom maps are not a problem).

If you've downloaded the files without the password (you will find links to these files below) then you must also first extract the installers from their .zip archives. The program win-rar can also open these files. Once extracted, just run the files and the installer should take you through the rest of the installation.

Mirrors Full:
- east coast USA
- West coast USA
- Central Texas USA


Mirrors Patch:
- east coast USA
- West coast USA
- Central Texas USA

SCUM.CO.UK FH 2.0 to 2.1 PATCH

Torrentpassword: -=FH-TS-Server:

The password begins with "-" and ends with "-".

That's all for today, we really hope you enjoy Forgotten Hope 2.1 and have fun playing! Be sure to pay a visit to our IRC channel and our public forums if you have any problems, questions pr comments.

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