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Posted by: Lightning
20.09.2008 14:00 GMT

Hello, we have a small announcement today regarding the problems with the in game server browser. Since Wednesday the 17th of September you might have noticed a whole lot of Forgotten Hope 2 servers have gone missing. They are actually still online, but due to a problem with the Gamespy Master Server Query they are not being shown in the in game server browser or in the toolbox. This problem not only affects Forgotten Hope 2, but all games and mods using Gamespy. This includes both Battlefield 2 and Battlefield 1942. Gamespy is aware of the problems and is working on fixing it, so let's hope everything is back to normal soon. In the mean while you can still join these 'invisible' servers by connecting to their IP, which you can find on such websites as game monitor.

We would like to use this small announcement to show you a recent interview of our developer Jodonnell by Noesis Interactive on ModDB. You can find the interview on ModDB here or watch it below.

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