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Posted by: ctz
01.04.2009 10:00 GMT

Here at Forgotten Hope we're always looking for ways to improve the reality and gameplay of the mod. That's why, as of the 2.2 release, we will be removing color from the mod to better portray 1944 Normandy as it would have been experienced by the Commonwealth, American and German forces fighting in the area.

News-reel footage from the era proves beyond reasonable doubt that World War 2 pre-dates the invention of color. Therefore, Forgotten Hope will become the world's first historically accurate portrayal of the war's monochromacity.

As you will appreciate this change requires re-texturing all our weapons, vehicles, statics and maps which will delay the release of 2.2. However we're sure you'll agree that the delay is well worth it to improve the historically accuracy of the mod!

For those of you who hadn't realised; this was of course our yearly April fools joke. Please stop posting sending us angry e-mails!

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