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Posted by: Lightning
29.08.2009 18:55 GMT

Today, we have a short advertisement from one of Forgotten Hope's leading player-run tournaments, Forgotten Honor. They are running three custom maps set in beautiful Italy, but only for this weekend. Check out the advertisement below.

Play three of Forgotten Honor's custom Italy maps which have been played last campaign.

Download, install and play.

No registration or requirements are needed, just join the server and enjoy Cassino, Ortona and Anzio battles.

Saturday, August 29 @ 19 GMT (20 BST, 21 CET)
Sunday, August 30 @ 19 GMT (20 BST, 21 CET)
Maps: Breakthrough at Cassino, Ortona and Anzio
Server IP:

Download links:




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Forgotten Honor is an international online community of players, created by players, run by players and maintained by players. We enjoy providing gaming experiences by organizing events and campaigns.

Be sure to check out our public forums to discuss this advertisement amd other news.

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