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Posted by: Lightning
11.09.2009 19:00 GMT

Hello and welcome back. Today we have an advertisement for Forgotten Honor's new Forgotten Hope 2 Campaign:

Normandy 1944 Forgotten Hope 2

Forgotten Honor Tournament presents the first campaign playing Forgotten Hope 2.2: Normandy 1944.

In previous campaigns we have fought in the deserts of northern Africa, in the hills of Greece and in the towns of Italy. In this campaign we will move to France and fight on the beaches and the lush green countryside of Normandy. From frantic fighting on the beaches and ambushes among hedgerows to large scale engagements between tanks and airplanes.

Throw yourself in the mud for cover, fight through hedgerow after hedgerow, brace for shellshock as the ground around you is pounded by artillery fire and have faith in your company mates when you assault your objective. Every week your team's skills and planning will be tested against an equally determined foe.

When you join this campaign, Forgotten Honor: Normandy 1944, you will experience:

  • Forgotten Hope 2 at its best in Normandy
  • 128 players fighting for victory in battles raging over 2 servers at the same time
  • Great new unseen maps not released to the public
  • Coordinated teamplay between infantry, armour and air force
  • An improved and more realistic way of spawning on the battlefield
  • Promotions and rewards for your achievements
  • New friendships with likeminded people from all over the world
  • It is free, and everybody is welcome
Join the Forgotten Honor Campaign

Forgotten Honor Tournament has a wide experience in arranging campaigns for Forgotten Hope 2 and many other games. We are an international online community of players, created by players, run by players and maintained by players. We always strive to make the best campaigns for you, and our team of organizers and talented mappers are proud to announce this campaign open for signups. Both the allied and the axis side eagerly await your enlistment and will gladly guide you to victory.

Who will you join?
Click on the picture for direct link to Campaign signup

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