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Posted by: azreal
06.01.2010 23:00 GMT

Hello and welcome back to another update of Forgotten Hope. Today we are bringing you the download link for the pre-release torrent files and the dedicated server files as well. Also in today's update are a couple of renders of some last minute equipment for both the Germans and the Americans. Finally, we will be listing some of the highlights included in the up and coming patch, as well as releasing the full changelog for 2.25.

Before we get on with the update, we would like to announce that the first round of the Mod of the Year Awards are over. We are pleased to announce that Forgotten Hope 2 is the ONLY Battlefield 2 mod that made it to the top 100 mods. A big thank you to all who voted. However, the second round of voting has begun. You can click on the MOTY logo below to vote for FH2, however it is important to note that if you register with the website your vote will count more.

First up, we have the passworded torrent file. You will not be able to extract the necessary files until Friday, January 8th when the password is released. In order to download this file, you will need to use a bittorrent client. We recommend one such as uTorrent.

The following file contains the client files needed to properly play Forgotten Hope version 2.25. If you have an unmodified version of 2.2, then you will need to only download the 2.25 patch (814MB). However, if you have don't have FH2 installed at all, or if you have a modified installation, you will have to download the 2.2 full installer from the downloads page as well (2.7GB). If you do not wish to download the torrent file, a regular .exe file will be available for download on Friday.

Download the Forgotten Hope 2.25 Pre-Release Torrent

We also have the server files for those who wish to host their own dedicated FH2 server. If you do not plan to do this, you do not need to download these files.

Download the Forgotten Hope 2.25 Server Files

Up next we have a brand new handweapon for the German soldiers serving in Normandy. Not only was the shovel an effective tool for digging foxholes and trenches, it was often used in extreme cases of close-quaters, hand-to-hand combat. The German shovel was made by Zero.

On to the next render, we have another highly requested piece of American equipment. The GMC 6x6 truck. The 'Deuce and a Half' as it was often called, is an Allied cargo truck, that saw action all across World War II. It came in many forms, with the simplest form having an open or closed cab. Players will be able to find this truck in 2.25 in both the cargo and ammunition carrier versions. The GMC truck was modeled by Mange, skinned by Rad and Toddel, and the wheels were done by Remdul.

Lastly, we would like to recap on some of major updates that you can expect to see in 2.25.

-Four new maps
-New Zealand Army
-New American fighter planes
-British Crusader Mk. III AA tank
-American 105mm Howitzer
-British Bedford QL Truck
-Panzergrau re-skins

Finally, we have the full changelog for those who wish to see all of the changes that have been done over the past few months.

Download the changelog here

We will release the password for the pre-release torrent file on Friday at 18:00 UTC. If you have any questions about the torrent, the installer or Forgotten Hope 2.25 in general, you can always join us on our IRC channel, Teamspeak 2 channel (IP: or our public forums and will we do our best to help you out.

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