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Posted by: azreal
11.09.2011 18:00 GMT

Hello and welcome back to another update of Forgotten Hope 2. Along with several announcements, this week's update will feature a render of a brand new German support weapon. Enjoy!

Our first and only render for today is of the largest weapon ever to be classified as an infantry gun. It is the 15cm schweres Infanterie Geschütz 33 (sIG 33)!

The sIG 33 was essentially a 150mm artillery gun, which was designed to provide close-range, supporting fire to infantry units. The gun itself was of conventional design, with large wooden, and then later, steel wheels. It also features included solid rubber tires, an air brake, and could fire a host of ammunition including HE, smoke, hollow-charge rounds. The most interesting however, was the Stielgranate 42 round, which consisted of a finned projectile still attached to the driving rod. Its primary use was not as an anti-tank round, but as a demo charge for clearing various strongholds. From 1936, all the way through to the end of war 1945, approximately 4,600 sIG 33s were produced. The 15cm schweres Infanterie Geschütz 33 was made by Kraetzer.

Yesterday, on Saturday the 10th, our awards and stats system began tracking our 10,000th player! This is quite and accomplishment for us on the development team, and we'd like to thank all of our fans for their support!

We would also like to let everyone know that the next FH Game Night is coming up later this month, and will take place on the 24th of September. While this is still a few weeks off, you can vote for which maps you'd like to play here, and be sure to check our forums for more information.

Last, but certainly not least, we have two announcements from the World at War tournament. The first is about the start of their 24th Campaign, and the second is about their ongoing Aerial and Naval event. Here's what they had to say...

The World at War Tournament has just opened signups for its 24th campaign of organized, coordinated and teamwork based FH2 combat.
Sign up to the Italian 67ª Divisione paracadutisti "Folgore" or the US 68th Infantry Division "Thunderbird" and become part of a real team with players from across the world who love teamwork, just like you.

Fight and train alongside your buddies every week using TeamSpeak 3, custom WaW equipment and gameplay features such as great naval combat, new aircraft, weapons, vehicles, and many different custom maps.
All this without the obligations of a clan!

How WaW24 can offer you a fun end exciting teamwork experience:

  • Epic 64-player 11-hour battles every Saturday. Fight when you want, for as long or as little as you want.
  • Start as new recruit and work your way up the historical ranks to fight and lead as an NCO or even an officer.
  • Join a company suited to your favourite role: infantry, armour or air force
  • Be rewarded with authentic medals and badges through skill, dedication and teamwork on the battlefield.
  • Communicate and coordinate with your buddies using Teamspeak 3 and diverse strategies and tactics.
  • Do your bit for your army! Contribute to each battle and to overall victory. Achieve something together.
  • Custom equipment and gameplay features: amazing naval combat, improved air combat with, deployable defensive objects and more
  • WaW Minimod (FH2 compatible): with a wide range of new equipment: motorbikes, Möbelwagen, M18 Recoilless Rifle, Gewehr 41
  • Custom maps: Take part in organized battles on great maps such as Garigliano Crossing, Defiant City, In the Hell of Bocage
  • It's completely free and it's a lot of fun!

The World at War Tournament has been providing some of the best organized gameplay on the battlefield platform for over 8 years with a mixed community from across the globe.
Friendly and welcoming, our members make it easy to integrate without the obligations of a clan. Experience camaraderie seldom found in gaming and an atmosphere that will keep you coming back for more for years to come!
World at War - Forgotten Hope 2 Tournament

World at War Naval Event #4

WaW Naval Map Pack Download

Map Installation:
Extract the .rar file to this folder:
Battlefield 2\mods\fh2\levels

The World at War Tournament invites you to take part in a another special event: Naval & Air Combat using Forgotten Hope 2.4.
It's a public event open to everyone. The server is not passworded. TeamSpeak is not required.

The last Air/Navy events were a great success. Since the release of FH2.4 our modders have been hard at working adjust our custom vehicles and making everything compatible. It's been almost two months since our last public event and it's time to get to do it again!

Take to sea and experience the awesome firepower of might ships such as the H.M.S. Hood and Prinz Eugen. Take the helm and command the ship and her guns or defend her against air attack by using the many anti-aircraft batteries. Counter the heavy ships with Cruisers, destroyers, PT boats, Schnellboats, or stalk your prey from the depths with Submarines. Seasick? Don't worry. Sink those beasts from the air with torpedo bombers or from Coastal gun emplacements. Had enough of ships and want to hit the beach? Grab a landing craft off the back of a destroyer and take the fight to the enemy with your squad! Special thanks to the guys behind FH1, as most of the FH1 ships and aircraft are imported and recoded by our modders to work with FH2.

Event Features:
Battle on 4 exciting and unique custom maps with new equipment and weaponry

  • Tyrrhenian Sea: Fight for control of the sea amongst small islands using heavy air support.
  • Sea of Aland: Epic naval and aerial engagement in the middle of the ocean.
  • Supplies for Malta: Win the map by escorting a convoy of supply vessels to the port of Valletta against heavy German raids.
  • Wake Island: Relive the classic BF1942 map in all its glory with naval, land and air assets.
  • Battle of the Atlantic: Protect the Atlantic Convoy from the might of the Kriegsmarine and her Wolfpacks.

ongoing all of September 2011. Our Public server is running the maps all the time.

FH2 Server: WaW Navy Maps DL at

TeamSpeak3 Server:
MyIS Tournaments TS3 Server
Port: 9991
Join the channels: "WaW Naval Event" at the top of TeamSpeak.
MyIS Tournaments TeamSpeak Viewer

Battlefield 2 + Forgotten Hope 2.4 Mod + WaW Naval Map Pack

That's all for this week, but be sure to come back next week for another update. Until then, feel free to visit our IRC channel channel, our public forums, and/or our Twitter and Facebook pages to discuss this update and other news.

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